1. Basic rules
  2. Controls
  3. Game types
  4. Game modes
  5. Records
  6. Settings
  7. Multi-color
  8. Statistics

1. Basic rules

A classic 15 puzzle uses tiles with 15 numbers written on each and one empty slot. Tiles can be moved either vertically or horizontally if they stand next to empty space.

The goal of the game is to rearrange numbers on field into order.

Suppose we have starting position like this (8 tiles variant):

Starting position

So, to solve the puzzle we must arrange them in order:

Final position

There are many ways to reach the final position, one of them is solve puzzle row by row.

To start, we place number 1 on its place, then number 2, then 3 and so on. For example, first row can be done by these moves:

First row solve

2. Controls

The game support 3 different types of controls: clicks, gestures and hover.

2.1. Clicks

Just click on a tile to make a move.

It is possible to move multiple tiles in a row (or column):

Move by clicks

2.2. Gestures

Swipe on a tile(s) to move:

Move with gestures

2.3. Hover

Hover is more advanced (and faster) way to solve the puzzle. Start by pressing and holding on the empty space, and then move finger over the tiles you want to move.

Hover method

3. Game types

There are 3 game types: classic, snake and spiral. The game mode can be changed in Settings.

You can always show the final position of the game by pressing name of game mode on the main screen:

How to play

3.1. Classic

Numbers arranged from left to right, top to bottom.

Classic mode

3.2. Snake

Starting at top left corner go right, then next row from right to left, the third row arranged from left to right and so on.

Snake mode

3.3. Spiral

Start at top left corner, move right to the edge, then move from top to bottom, then from right to left, then from bottom to top and so on.

Spiral mode

4. Game modes

There are 2 types of modes: easy and hard. It can be changed in advanced settings.

4.1. Easy

The default mode you start with.

4.2. Hard

In a hard mode the puzzle must be solved blindly - the player can see the numbers only on first move. After the first move is done, numbers disappear from field.

To solve the puzzle, player must arrange numbers in their order, and then hit check button to check if they solved puzzle correctly.

Hard mode check

If you find intimidating playing the hard mode, peek button to the rescue. Press and hold the button to show numbers on tiles.

Hard mode peek

5. Records

The fastest and most efficient solves are put to the Records.

The top panel of Records screen is interactive. There are Type, Mode, Width and Height filters, and two Sort modes: fewer moves and less time.

The table shows place, moves count, time spent and date of the solve.


6. Settings

6.1. Basic

Setting Values Description
Type classic, snake, spiral See game types
Width 3 - 8 Width of the puzzle
Height 3 - 8 Height of the puzzle
Animation on, off Play animations on tiles moves, etc.
Color theme day, night, system The overall color theme of the app. system will follow system dark mode settings
Color various colors The color of tiles and interface

6.2. Advanced

Setting Values Description
Mode easy, hard See game modes
Anti-alias on, off Smoother appearance of lines. Disabling can improve performance
Multi-color off, rows, columns, fringe, solved See multi-color
Delay on, off After solving a puzzle, there is a small delay before you can start a new game by clicking on a game field
Ingame info   See ingame-info
Stats on, off See statistics

6.2.1. Ingame info

Setting Values Description
Time format 0:12.3, 0:12.345, 12.345, 0:12 Time format to display. Affects main screen, records and statistics
Moves on,
after solve, off
Show number of moves on the main screen. on - always show, after solve - show only if puzzle is solved, off - never show
Time on,
after solve, off
Show elapsed time on the main screen. on - always show, after solve - show only if puzzle is solved, off - never show
TPS on,
after solve, off
Show current TPS on the main screen. on - always show, after solve - show only if puzzle is solved, off - never show

7. Multi-color

Multi-color is a way the tiles on game field are colored.

Mode Description Image
off All tiles colored by chosen color off
rows Each row has different color rows
columns Each column has different color columns
fringe Tiles colored by layers fringe
solved Solved tiles have a brighter color solved

8. Statistics

Statistics screen shows various information about current session, such as average times, moves and TPS.


Statistics can be enabled in advanced settings.